my piano room


view from living room into adjacent piano room

My dream has come true!  When we remodeled the house last year, we bumped out the front of the house for a piano room.  The architect kept trying to make it into an office or some other purpose, but he finally caught my vision.  At that point we only owned our lovely Mason & Hamlin upright, but I knew I wanted a nice grand to share the space (we made sure to budget a little extra in our remodeling funds).  I have been shopping for 9 months for that grand piano, and I finally decided on this Yamaha GC2.  It is 5’10” and fits the space perfectly!

The movers were delightful and moved the piano for me several times until we decided on the perfect location and angle.  It was a giddy day.  I have enjoyed playing the new piano for many hours in the several days since it was delivered.  It needs a bit of breaking in, and I am anxious for it to be voiced and tuned because I am not completely satisfied with how it sounds right now.  Nevertheless, I need to wait for the piano to acclimate for at least one month until I can have a technician work on it.

All the planning for this space has been worth it, and I am simply thrilled with how it all looks.


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