a cool yellow lamp


I saw this yellow lamp shade at Target a week or two ago and knew that it was something I wanted for my living room.  However, I also knew that I wanted a yellow lamp base to go with it, and Target didn’t have what I was looking for.  I shopped around at plenty of other stores as well as the internet, but still was unable to find the kind of yellow lamp I wanted.  I decided to paint an old brass lamp that was collecting dust in my garage instead.

 I actually had TWO of these brass lamp bases (doesn’t everyone have one in their garage?) to choose from (here I show you the one I did NOT choose, mainly because it was the shorter of the two).  I roughed up the surface with sandpaper, then sprayed a coat of primer.  Then I sprayed several light coats of the yellow paint I picked out.  It was harder to find yellow spray paint than I anticipated: I checked Home Depot, Walmart and Michaels before finally finding an appropriate shade at Lowes.  I used Valspar Satin: Golden Maize.  It matches the shade perfectly (which was lucky since I didn’t have the shade with me when I picked out the color–I just kind of knew what I wanted in my head).

I think it turned out great, and it looks stunning against my purple walls!  It was just the pop of color and pattern that I was hoping for.  Now all I need is a side/accent table to put it on.  The one it is sitting on right now is a little table I just bought for a steal, thinking I could fix it up and paint it, but I realize that it is just not going to work, so I will take it back to the store this week.  The search goes on.


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