star wars pillows


I was on a throw pillow kick a month or so ago (I’ll have to do another post to show you the pillows I got done then), and I had this vision of an R2D2 inspired throw pillow.  My hubbie is a bit of a Star Wars fanatic, so I thought it would be perfect for the couch in his office.  As it turned out, though, I had a wedding to go to for another Star Wars fan, and I decided to experiment on the pillow as a gift for his reception.

I started making some sketches of the blue designs on R2.  I didn’t want to be exactly literal in my design–I wanted something simple enough, but obvious too.  I really liked how it turned out.  I’m still looking for my sewing machine power cord (grrr–it’s one of the main things to have gone missing during our whole house remodel), so I ended up sewing on the felt pieces by hand.

I knew I wanted a second pillow, but I couldn’t come up with a C3PO design that I liked (nor a Darth Vader or Yoda).  I looked around online and found this great Wookie pillow! It looked simple enough and graphic enough to both complement my R2 pillow and easy enough to finish in my limited time frame.  As there are no fabric stores close to my house, I went to Walmart hoping to find some brown fur or other soft fabric to work with.  Nothing.  Then I thought of a blanket or a towel.  Bingo!  The brown bath towel was only $3, and I will have enough to make a second pillow for my hubbie!  It may not be as furry as a Wookie, but I think it worked excellently in a pinch!

I am super proud of how these pillows turned out.  My hubby loved them and is ready for his set of pillows (haven’t gotten to those yet), and my youngest son is begging for his own R2 pillow (although he has already pointed out some modifications in the design for his version).  The couple who received them as a gift have given me positive reviews as well.  I posted a picture on facebook and got lots of friends ready to order their own pillows as well.  Too bad I have no desire to go into business….

It was a fun and pretty easy project.


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