new life for a big box


When my brand new grand piano was delivered last week, it came in this large, strong box.  My youngest son, who is 5, has been reading “The Birthday Box” by Leslie Patricelli (one of our most favoritest picture book authors) and has been begging me for his own box to play with.  I asked him if he thought this piano box was big enough for his purposes.  His eyes got big and he started dancing around singing “yes” “yes” “yes.”

So the very nice movers kindly put the box back together after they took the piano out, and my kids had themselves a big box fort.  My hubbie cut a door, and the kids (including many of the neighbor kids) have spent hours and hours having fun, imaginative play in their big box.

My husband was hesitant to keep the box at first, seeing only a large object that will be difficult to dispose of at some future point (when the movers would have hauled it off for free); but I saw weeks worth of entertainment and so did the kids.  So the box has a new life.  And my kids have a new clubhouse.  And they have even started putting on “shows,” basically popping out of the box and dancing around.  But it makes them happy, so it makes me happy too.


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  1. My dad used to sell Major Appliances and I remember many hours of play in the Refrigerator Boxes he used to bring home! What fun!

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