narrow sofa table


I needed a sofa table.  In order to center my seating arrangement on the fireplace and not have the chairs and couch too far apart from each other, I have to have the couch sitting away from the wall.  Besides my funky mirror sticks out pretty far and I didn’t want anyone to bump their head on it.  I knew that a sofa table would be the perfect solution, but I also knew that it had to be a narrow sofa table, only 12″ deep maximum (preferably narrower).  Such things are hard to find, at least on the cheap.  Bigger sofa tables actually cost less.  Go figure.

I was complaining to my mother about my inability to find a narrow sofa table that suited both my needs and my budget, and one day she called back and said that she had this table that her father had made back in the day.  She had a few knick-knacks on it, but she didnt’ really need it, and maybe it would serve my purpose (Grandma recently moved into assisted living, so my Mom has pieces of furniture from their home that I guess I haven’t noticed yet).  Of course I was delighted.  Not only is the table only 11″ inches deep, but it’s something my Grandfather built himself (cool!)–and I could use it for FREE (always my favorite price tag).

It’s just perfect!!  The size and scale really work.  I couldn’t be happier.  It is one of those fortuitous situations–everything works out right.

Now everything is nicely centered.  I have balance in my room, and all is right with world.  Happy sofa table!  Happy me!


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