choosing colors


When people see the many bright colors in my home, they often ask me how I choose what colors to use.  There are many factors:

1. What I like
2. What looks good together
3. What goes well with the fabrics or furniture I have chosen
4. What doesn’t get vetoed by my husband (he’s a brave soul and actually helped convince me to try to purple–gotta love it!)

For my house remodel, I started with the family room.  I knew I wanted a black and white kitchen as a base for all my bright colors, so I shopped and shopped for premade curtains or for a fabric that could be sewn into curtains.  I hoped for something bright and cheerful, but with some white and/or black in it as well.  It seems I always want the impossible.  There was nothing that fit the bill in readymades, so I shopped fabric.  I found the brightest palettes in outdoor fabric.  That’s where I found this beauty: in the home decorators section, outdoor fabrics at (great site!).

I ordered a sample of this along with many other options of fabrics for other rooms in my house (or for throw pillows in addition to this one).  The fabric in real life lived up to my expectations (really, it seemed designed specifically for me!), so I ordered enough yards for all my potential projects.  Anyway, with that decision made, I had a place from which to draw color choices.  I opted for the red and green.

I wasn’t sure I wanted the red-based curtains hanging on a red wall, but when I placed the fabric sample against a red wall that I had in my house before the remodel, I fell in love!  I used the red on the walls in the family room with windows, and then used the green in the kitchen and the wall transitioning into the hall/entryway.  I also knew I wanted to hang my favorite lemon painting on the main wall in the entrance, so I needed to make sure I had a color that would show it off well.  The green worked nicely here as well.

For the living room I needed something that would work well with the green, as well as with the yellow I had chosen for the hallway (same color I used in the master suite).  I also knew that I was going to have a black grand piano in the room.  But what I really wanted was a pair of chairs, once again something fun and colorful.  When I found those, I knew I could make my final color decision.  The chairs I ultimately chose came from Pier1 Imports: the Liliana Armchair (Bold Floral).  Love them!  They also offered a host of color choices, and I debated them all most carefully.

I decided to try the purple, thinking that at the very least I would do a feature wall in that color.  But as soon as I started painting it, I knew I had to have it all over.  It is such a rich and fabulous color!  One of my favorite color choices EVER!

I also appreciate that all my color choices work well with both the fabrics in the chair (in one room) and the inspirational curtain fabric (in the other room).  It makes the public spaces in my home feel more cohesive.  I know that not everyone feels like they could live in a home with such bright colors, but they make me so happy!  A colorful house is the right choice for me.


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