a lion in wait


I have always wanted a grand piano, a dream that has recently come true for me (see earlier post).  And somewhere, in that dream, I also wanted a stone lion curled up underneath that gorgeous hunk of black wood.  I have always had a thing for cats (okay, it’s a minor obsession), but I guess a GRAND piano needed a GRAND cat, so I’ve always pictured a lion.  A few years back, long before I knew a grand piano would be a reality, I found a wonderful looking lion statue at Big Lots.  It was plaster of paris (or some other non-stone carving) and it was painted a dark grey, but it was a nice size and shape, and I knew I wanted it.  But, fair cheapskate that I am, I was not ready to pay the $50 (or more) asking price.  So I waited until the end of the summer season, and when they were 50% off and they still had about five lions in stock, I gambled again and waited for 75% off.  Luck was with me, and I finally snatched up my beauty for a nice discount.

Of course I didn’t have a piano to put it under at the time.  In fact, I really didn’t have any room anywhere in my house, so it sat among the potted plants on my front porch.  By the time we packed him up with the rest of our stuff for our house remodel, he was looking a little beat up.  The paint was flaking off all over, and he was dented and chipped in several places.  I got some patching plaster and filled in the missing gaps, then bought a can of Krylon Make It Stone! Textured Paint, Black Granite color (with 40% off coupon of course).  It covered nicely and evenly, and it made my lion look brand new!  In fact, he looked better than he did when I bought him.  I am a great fan of spray paint!  I also added a coat of clear varnish sealer to help keep him looking good.

Before piano day, the lion happily guarded my fireplace, and I really loved him there.   But my dream had always been for him to live under my grand, and I’m happy to say he is perfectly at home there too!  Isn’t it nice when things work out just the way they are supposed to?


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