behind closed doors and drawers


This is my new kitchen.  My old kitchen had the same basic layout, except that instead of an island, there was a pennisula (it was a U-shaped kitchen), and the cabinets were small (drawers were practically non-existant) and inefficient.  Also, my pantry consisted of a closet with some basic shelves on which we stacked and crammed as much food (and food storage) as possible.  I always hated coming home with the groceries and trying to find places to put everything.

This is my new cabinet where the old pantry was:

Isn’t it beautiful?  And the thing is, I don’t even store food here anymore!  It’s my small appliances storage, and I LOVE IT!  The shelf/drawers all pull out for easy access.

 My new pantry, using space from the garage and my old living room, is a little walk-in beauty!  Putting away groceries has never been so quick and easy.  There is a place for everything.  This picture is from several months ago, after we moved back in.  I now have twice as much food stored in there, and I still feel like I could double it.  (It turns the corner behind the door, so there really is lots of storage space.)  This has to be one of my favorite additions in our remodeled home.I also have a few other space saving secrets behind more of the closed doors and drawers.  Take a peek!

Cookie sheets, cake pans, and other baking supplies.  We’re all tall in this house, so the space over the refrigerator worked perfect for these storage racks.

What to do with that left over space between the sink and the corner cabinet?  A pull-out rack for my cleaning supplies has been perfect!  Bonus: it is difficult for young children to pull out, so hard for them to access these potions.

I love my two-tiered silverware drawer.  And I love the custom divisions that let me pile up way more than those store-bought silverware holders.  The top slides back for easy access to extra silverware and serving pieces underneath.

I’m also in raptures over my custom baking supplies drawer (in my island).  Spatulas, whisks, measuring cups and spoons, even the rolling pin all have their own cubbies.  Now if I could only teach my kids to be consistent about putting things away in their proper spaces…

I am delighted at how much more efficient my new kitchen is.  I’m sure there are lots of other new-fangled space-saving devices I could have used, but so far, this kitchen is working just fine for the way I live and cook.


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