more lacma pics


My friend Jayni posted her pics from our trip, and they were so fun that I wanted to spend another post highlighting her pictures from our trip to LACMA.  You will notice that the spaghetti curtain was a favorite!

It cracked me up how many pictures Jayni took of ME TAKING PICTURES of my kids.  Here’s just one:

She also took pictures of when I handed the camera over to my kids.  Here’s a classic moment:

This is the picture my daughter took at the same time (say cheese, Jayni!):

My son has mild CP, so he has a hard time holding the camera steady and pressing the button with his one good hand, but he still likes to try:

This is what his picture looks like:

Not too bad.  At least my head isn’t cut off, even if the whole sculpture behind me is missing.  Here’s a more typical shot (he posed me in the bamboo):

My kids always have fun when we give them a turn behind the camera.  And it’s fun to see what they capture!

Here’s some more scenes that Jayni took of me and my kids enjoying the art:

These were the coolest looking elevators, so of course we had to ride them to see where they would take us.  Turns out, they just go down to the parking garage (where we did not park), but they were just as interesting going back up!

Rose insisted she saw a silverfish run under the white ball, but I wouldn’t let her get any closer to the art to smash it.  I’m sure we entertained the guards!

The big rock was easily my youngest son’s favorite thing of the day!

He could touch it by himself on one side, but I had to help him on the other side:

I also really enjoyed these close-ups by Jayni of “Levitated Mass” because they give a whole new perspective on the work:

 I am so glad I took the time to visit LACMA again after all these years, and I’m glad the kids had fun too.  Watching the kids gave me a new way of looking at art and got me thinking about how we react and interact with it.  I hope to incorporate some of my thoughts and ideas into my new art history course that I will be teaching in the Fall.


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