literary signpost


Yesterday, Scholastic posted this image on facebook from the Crown Publishing Group and I was charmed.  I love the idea of a sign post like this in my garden.  The post then asked if there were any literary destinations that we would add.  Of course there are!  Here are some things I would add to my sign:

1. Wonderland, instead of Neverland (never been much of a fan of Peter Pan, but I am a BIG Alice geek).

2. Green Gables.  Who doesn’t want to go there?

3. The Secret Garden (though why would you have a sign if it is secret?).

4. Pemberley.  I may take this road more often than others, excepting perhaps the next one…

5. Jurisfiction.  Have you read Jasper Fforde?  If not, you should.  (There’s a new Thursday Next book coming out this year–it’s out now in the UK, but we have to wait a few months here in the US.)

What would you have on your sign post?


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