with two cats in the yard


My two cats hide in the front yard all day to avoid both our dog (which really doesn’t bother them too much) and our cat-loving daughter (who loves them too loudly, ebulliently and roughly).  They hang out more in our neighbor’s yard, or on the hill between our houses (as in this picture).  When I cannot see them from my windows (which, really, is most of the time), I at least have two stone cats that peek out from my greenery to make me smile.

This little stone beauty came from Target several years ago.  I love to see him sitting between my tree and bushes because with just a quick glance, it can trick me into thinking it’s a real cat there.  It is just the right size and pose.  Here is what he looks like from the street:

Just a month or so ago I spotted another unique stone cat at HomeGoods.  My time was running out to pick up my son from school, but I figured that if I carried it quickly to the checkout, I would be only a minute or two late.  Unfortunately, when I tried picking it up, it was so heavy that I knew I could not carry it across the store without a cart.  And I did not have enough time to get a cart, come back and get the cat.  It would have to wait for another day.

Two days later I went back and was relieved to find it still there waiting for me.  I had my husband along to do the heavy lifting.  And with an additional discount for a cracked base, I got the cat for less than $20.  Amazing deal!  I love seeing this artistic cat posing in my yard.

Now, whether my own two cats choose to be on view, I always have two cats in the yard to enjoy.


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