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I’ve been thinking about wallpapering my hallway, but I can’t decide on a pattern.  My hallway is long and a little bit narrow, so when I try to hang pictures, it feels claustrophobic.  But I still want some interest and design.

So I’ve been thinking about wallpaper.   There are so many options, but I have been thinking about something with a large graphic pattern.  Here are some options that appeal to me.

I am in love with this Orla Kiely multi stem wallpaper.  The colors are perfect for my house, and the pattern is simple and graphic.  Here is it in a bathroom:

Perhaps it would be too busy if I did my whole hallway, but maybe on just one side?  Problem is, every time I visit Orla Kiely’s website (which I have done for 9 months now), this paper is always OUT OF STOCK!

I may be equally in love with this Imperial Trellis design by Kelly Wearstlear.  Here it is in citrine (love this color!), but I’m also drawn to the silver:

Here it is in yet another color, but in a hallway!  Isn’t it fabulous?

My house is full of great color, so I’ve been thinking about something with grey in it to tone everything down (and tie in my grey velvet sofa), so here are some in that color range:

This pattern is called Kew by Jocelyn Warner.  I love the grey/gloss on top (the bottom just shows more of an allover design in the same pattern, different color), because it is subtle, but still full of energy.  Speaking of energy, how about this Seville pattern at Graham & Brown:

Or this one in silver and white, called Jazz, also at Graham & Brown:

Graham & Brown also has this very cool frames wallpaper, where you can attach your own photos or kids art, or whatever.  It could also get very busy if I covered everything, but perhaps if we added a chair rail and only put the wallpaper on top?

This Arthouse Opera Retro Leaf design from Direct Wallpaper also has a lot of grey in it, but I love the addition of other colors (just in case I decide grey on its own would be too boring).

Along those same lines is this purple and green design (by Julia Rothman).  I love the white background, which really lightens it up and makes the colors pop!

So you see my dilema.  There are so many fabulous choices!  I can factor in cost and availability too, but I want my first choice to be about design.  Maybe now that I have a lot of my favorites lined up in one place, it will help me compare and make a better decision.  Any thoughts?


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  1. Well, I think you need to decide what you want people to focus on. Do you want them to notice the wall paper or do you want them to focus on the pictures you hang on the wall? If the wall paper is what you want people to see, then go all out and get something bright and busy, but if you want them to notice the pictures I would go with something a little understated like the Seville Pattern or the other one underneath it. Just my 2 bits. Some of them remind me of the wall paper that hung in my childhood home. AHHH

      • The first one and the last one. Pattern in the first and colors of the last. The trellis pattern too. our colors were hot pink and lime green because hey it was the 70s, but the alternating pattern in the first one reminds me of the flowers on our walls. 🙂

  2. wow! so cool. Our living room in the 70’s had this super fabulous dark red and orange textural wallpaper. And, of course, the red and purple shag carpeting, and the red sofa, and orange paint on the other walls! So fabulous. My funky mirror above my grey couch is from that room–vintage!

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