read any good books lately?


I am a fairly obsessive reader, and I get asked this question a lot:

Have you read any good books lately?

So I’m wondering why I usually stand there like a deer in headlights and can’t think of a thing to answer.

Of course I’ve read good books lately.  Many of them.  I just can’t seem to bring anything specific to mind when the question is asked.

Many things go through my mind: what kind of books do I think they would like?  what would be the best recommendation?  with all the books I’ve read, which ones stand out most in my mind?

Maybe if I read fewer books, it would be easier to come up with one or two to recommend off hand.  But I read LOTS of books.  Soooo… here’s what I usually answer:

Have you heard of a website called goodreads?

If I can get my friends on goodreads, they can see everything I’ve read and even read my little reviews to find out what I think about them.  PLUS, extra bonus, I can see what THEY have read as well (if they take the time to enter them), and then I can get book recommendations in return.

I LOVE goodreads.  After the library, it’s my favorite book place.

So, if you want to know about the good books I have read lately, check out goodreads. (Yes, it’s a shameless plug.  But it’s free, so why not?)


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