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I fell in love with these Bold Floral Liliana Archairs from Pier1 Imports last year.  I had to visit three different stores before I found one that had it on the store floor (at that time) because I needed to see them in person.  I eventually bought two for my living room, so I thought I would post a little review about how these chairs have held up over the past year (almost a year now).

First off, I really wish Pier1 had reviews on their site.  That would have helped me A LOT when I was trying to make a decision.  But since they don’t, I thought it might help if I posted my review here for anyone else trying to make a decision.  The short review is I LOVE THEM!  They are great chairs.  Cute and comfortable and striking.  They are everything I was looking for.

Now, having lived with them for a year I can say that I still LOVE THEM!  My plan was to find two armchairs in a fun fabric, from which I could base the whole color scheme and design of my room.  This is not an easy task in ready made chairs.  It seemed like I might to need to get something custom.  Then I saw these chairs from Pier1 and thought they might be perfect.

They are a very comfortable size: 34 inches tall in the back, 29 inches across the widest part.  I am fairly tall (5′ 9″) and my husband is 6′ 2″ and we both find these chairs cozy and supportive.  Shorter friends have also commented on how comfortable these chairs are.  I sat in at least 100 chairs while I was shopping for these, and I found that frequently the cutest chairs were the most uncomfortable.  Not so here–these chairs feel great!

The colors are perfect.  I love bright things and this pattern filled my need for color without being overly bright or garrish.  These colors could be played up or toned down, depending on what else you want to use in the room.  I ended up choosing purple walls, using a shade taken from the purple orbs in these chairs.  They look fabulous!

They would look equally stunning in my red family room or my yellow bedroom.  They are really versatile, colorwise.  I never considered putting a grey couch with these chairs, but as you can see, they look just great together!

One of the things I was most worried about with these chairs was the quality of fabric.  The first time I saw this chair in the store, the fabric was quite frayed around the edges.  The embroidered design looks lovely in texture, but it didn’t inspire confidence in durability.  I have cats and I didn’t want these lovely chairs to become scratching posts (actually my cats never have used my furniture as scratching posts, though they do catch their claws on things sometimes).  What finally convinced me to take the risk was seeing this same fabric design (different colors, though, and not near as attractive) in a custom furniture store.  I could handle the fabric sample and see that it was more substantial than it at first appeared, and the designers in the store assured me that it was of durable quality.  And I have found it to be so.  My kids play all over these chairs, and my cats sometimes enjoy lounging in the seats, and they still look almost brand new after one year.  They wipe down easily, and I have not had any fraying issues of my own.  I did find one pulled string from the colored embroidery from either a cat or a child, but it is not very noticeable and I have not had to take any measures to deal with it.  I just let it be camouflaged.

Costwise, at $379 list price, these are comparable to other upholstered armchairs of this quality, if not less expensive.  I got both of my chairs at two different times on two different sales and paid right around $300 for each of them.  I think they are worth it.

I would give them five out of five stars.  They were super easy to put together–I just had to screw the legs on (they are lettered–just match them up so you get them in the right positions).  I really have nothing bad to report about them at all.  I get lots of compliments, especially after people sit in them.  They really are VERY comfortable!  And super cute and stylish.  If you are considering purchasing these chairs, I hope my review helps you feel more confident about buying them!


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  1. Thanks for the review! I too wish Pier 1 would post reviews on their website. I love this chair in the Jacobean fabric and am considering buying a pair of them.

  2. Thanks for your review. It was really helpful. We were looking at these chairs tonight and are considering buying two of them as you did.

  3. I also bought these and LOVE THEM. I have a solid color Lazy Boy sofa in a truffle color and they look great together. I want to buy the matching floral fabric to make a couple of throw pillows for my couch but I don’t know if I’ll be able to find it anywhere.

    • I read somewhere online that someone put casters on the bottom of the chair to raise it a few inches. How short isthe chair? Does it just need a couple inches more?

      • That should work! The seat is 17 inches off the ground, plus you sink in a bit. My cushy dining chairs are 18-1/2 inches. Let me know if you try it.

  4. Has anyone else had a problem with the fabric being loose/baggy on the back of their Liliana chair? They ship them with the box of legs packed so that they are pressing into the back of the chair, resulting in upholestery that is no longer taut by the time the box gets opened. We exchanged our first one for a replacement, but we had the same problem the second time. We thought it might be an issue with all Liliana chairs, but the floor model at the store looks fine… nice and tight. We love the chair but don’t want to have a dented chair in case we ever put it somewhere that showcases the back side. Anyone else?

    • My fabric has not sagged at all in two years, and mine float in the middle of the room so you can see all sides. I did not have mine shipped, but I picked them up directly from the store. Perhaps that accounts for the difference? Although mine were still boxed up and I had to put them together, so it doesn’t seem like that would be it. I’d exchange it again. Good luck.

    • Hi Rob,

      Yes , I have too problems with the chair. The fabric is very poor quality. I only had it for 3 years and looks like is 100 year old. I sent a picture and complain to the company and they came to the conclusions that is our problem. Do not buy this product is is very poor quality! !!!!

      • That’s so unfortunate to hear! I’ve had mind for probably 2-3 years now and it looks as good as new. We sprayed it with a fabric protector due to pets and it looks great. I sit in it probably 3-4 times a week and young kids jump around on it often.

  5. I just purchased this chair in the daisy gold pattern and, although I love the chair, I’m very disappointed in the fabric. It is puckered all over! I’m going to try a cool iron on it later. I’m not going to return it because it was such a hassle finding a truck to pick it up, getting it home, assembling it (wish I’d inspected it better before putting the legs on, but I didn’t want to take the protective plastic off while I had it upside down putting the legs on. I love Pier 1 and the look of the chair is perfect for my room, but I will NEVER buy another piece of furniture from them again. (Sure am glad I didn’t buy the sofa I was considering!).

    • Wow. That is so disappointing. I would definitely complain to Pier 1, even if you don’t want to return it. They might have some suggestions or might reimburse you some money or something! Good luck.

  6. Thanks for the review as my husband and I want to purchase those chairs in different fabric. We found the chairs comfortable but it is always good to check reviews. Thank you.

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