snipping snowflakes


2012-12-18 053I went a little snowflake crazy this year!  I have always enjoyed cutting snowflake designs from paper, and I have some that I made out of regular white computer paper years ago that I iron and keep for use from year to year at the Christmastime.  Sometimes I hang them from string from the ceiling; sometimes I add them to my tree decorations; sometimes I scatter them about.  This year, I bought an extra Christmas tree so I could let the kids decorate one and I could make a snowflake wonderland out of the other.  It was beautiful.

Disclaimer: I live in sunny Southern California and I don’t really like snow, but I think snowflakes are beautiful!

2012-12-18 032This year, I tried cutting snowflakes from coffee filters.  I have read about this method for a long time, but as I don’t drink coffee, I never had any filters just laying about to try it.  So I finally went out and bought some.  And, let me just say: I am a convert!  Filter snowflakes are so much easier.  The round shape makes it a snap to fold (in half, then in thirds, then half again), without any wasted paper.  2012-12-18 039The filters are much thinner than copy paper too, so cutting is also cleaner and crisper (and easier).  I cut dozens and dozens of snowflakes this year.

2012-12-18 014Granted, the paper snowflakes hold up better hanging on my Christmas tree, but the filter snowflakes were perfect draped on my garland and scattered about on surfaces for decoration.  I even started getting a little creative in my designs.

I’m rather proud of this snowman flake:

2012-12-23 002I made smaller snowflakes to decorate my packages as well.  It made the simple gifts more personal and festive.2012-12-18 054








Snowflakes help make my Christmas decorations a little more merry and bright!  And they are a super affordable way to add quite a bit of impact.

2012-12-18 020

2012-12-23 009


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